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Children's Franchises: The Perfect Opportunity for a Successful and Fulfilling Business

November 20, 2018
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Childrens Franchises
The thought of going into business is exciting for many of us. It gives us the chance to take charge of our financial futures and to establish our independence. For some, though, it's not all about making money. Some entrepreneurs want to make money but are also looking for a business that allows them to perform services or offer products that make a difference. One of the best categories for franchise business opportunities that allow you do this is franchises that cater to children in one way or another. Is it possible to pursue your dream of financial independence while still doing something you're passionate about? If you're looking for a franchise that allow you to work with kids, then you're in luck. A children's franchise can be the perfect opportunity for a successful and fulfilling business that you enjoy doing.

Do You Need Special Experience to Start a Children's Franchise?

In some cases, special experience can come in handy when you're operating a franchise business aimed at children, particularly if the franchise you operate focuses on education of any kind. There are, however, countless children's franchises that can be operated without any experience whatsoever. All you need is passion, a love for children, and a franchise designed to provide products or services children need or want. The great news is, this leaves a lot of different options for you to choose from. Children's franchises are spread out over several categories, including beauty franchises, entertainment franchises, education and learning franchises, health franchises, and sports franchises. Most of these franchise opportunities centered around children do not require any special education beyond the ability to operate a business successfully.

Are Children's Franchises a Viable Business Venture?

The answer is yes. According to an Entrepreneur article that discusses the market for children, "There's no shortage of potential customers in this industry." The Annie E. Casey foundation, the population of children in the United States under the age of 18 is at an all-time high at 74.2 million. Not all of those kids in that particular age bracket will be customers, but if you have a child-focused franchise, they certainly are your target audience. That's a lot of money on the table, most of which will come out of the parents' pockets and some of which the children will spend out of their own pockets. Much of the money kids are willing to part with out of their own pockets (billions yearly) goes toward toys and entertainment. Parents shell out the money for education, birthday parties and all the entertainment that goes with them, and extracurricular activities like sports and dance. That's a lot of money waiting to be earned by the quacking-thinking entrepreneur who knows a niche market and how to use it.

Child in Day Care

Popular Types of Children's Franchises

  • Childcare Franchises

  • One of the biggest, fastest growing franchise categories is the childcare industry. There are numerous childcare franchises available that focus on providing safe, structured environments for kids. Many of these franchises combine daycare with education, making the service even more appealing to parents. With the number of single parent households on the rise and households where two parents work outside the home, the need for childcare services has risen as well. According to a Forbes Magazine report and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Day care businesses will have some of the fastest employment growth of all industries through 2020." The report indicates that studies have shown child care businesses in the U.S. have grown steadily in sales over the past few years, even while many other industries struggled during the economic recession. In fact, when the country is undergoing hard times economically, there may even be greater need for child care as more people work long hours to make ends meet. This makes any franchise that specializes in child care a profitable choice when it comes to finding a franchise business that will be stable and reliable.

  • Party Catering Franchises

  • Another winning childcare-based franchise option is in the entertainment category. Birthday parties, graduations, holiday parties, family reunions, and slumber parties are some of the reasons kids find to celebrate. Many parents arrange for special parties for these occasions that often include giant slides, jump houses, clowns, and huge sprinkler systems for the kids to play in on hot days. There are numerous party rental franchises available that service children's parties. According to an article in the New York Post, "Parents Are Spending Thousands on Their Kids' Birthday Parties". Event planner Keri Levitt says, "You can find a whale party, a pop star party, whatever your child is into. Everything is about the next level of detail." If your franchise is in the business of catering to kids' parties and making their celebrations over the top, you can cash in on this fast-growing industry.

  • Children's Education Franchises

  • Educational services for children have been franchised as well. Whether its early learning, advanced learning, accelerated learning, or specialized education like art, music, and sports, a franchise that brings education to children can be both rewarding and profitable. If you enjoy teaching and the opportunity to shape young minds, an educational franchise aimed at children can be a financially sound and satisfying choice.

  • Re-sale Franchises

  • With the trend toward a more "green" approach to doing business, franchise resale opportunities aimed at kids are cropping up everywhere. These franchises offer entrepreneurs the chance to build a business selling used kids toys, clothes, books, and other items in a structured store setting using established procedures and brand backing. A franchise re-sale business offers a way into business ownership through a tried and true business model.

  • Hair Styling and Beauty Franchises

  • Specialized salons for children are cropping up frequently in the franchise industry. With the understanding that sometimes a different, more subtle approach to everyday things like getting a haircut might be beneficial to children, these kid-friendly salons make getting haircuts, manicures, and pedicures fun for kids and profitable for entrepreneurs.

    Children Franchise
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