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Are you looking for franchise opportunities? Look no further than All USA Franchises. We are the franchise directory to turn to when you are looking for franchises for sale in the United States. That's because AUF has taken a different approach to other franchise directories. At All USA Franchises, we bring investors, entrepreneurs, and franchisors together in one place. We are the first FREE online directory for franchise companies in the United States. This means that potential entrepreneurs, investors and franchisees will have access to all of the available franchise opportunities, not just to those who pay to be there.

Choosing a Franchise
At All USA Franchises, our goal is to have all 3000+ franchises in the United States listed in one convenient place. This will ensure that you, as an entrepreneur or potential investor, find the perfect franchise opportunities based on the criteria that fits your specific lifestyle, needs, and your budget. No other franchise directory provides a larger selection of franchises like All USA Franchises. Whether you're looking for franchise opportunities you can start from home, franchise opportunities in the food industry, like food franchises, or franchise opportunities in a niche market, you'll find them here at All USA Franchises. We are always looking for new franchises to add themselves to our directory which they can do via our List Our Franchise Now page. It's all a part of our mission to be the most complete franchise directory available.

Looking for Franchise Opportunities
Searching for franchise opportunities at All USA Franchises couldn't be easier. We allow you to search for franchises for sale by industry or franchises for sale by investment, which lets you narrow down your search by presenting only those franchise opportunities that will interest you. Owning a franchise can be one of the most rewarding things you can do, and at All USA Franchises, we want to be a vital part of your search when you're looking the best franchise opportunities. We provide you with an informative blog full of helpful articles and tips for franchisors and potential franchisees as well as the latest franchise news. We also provide the latest information about the franchise events you won't want to miss. In addition to the blog and events information, we bring you a valuable section of franchise resources that helps you find franchise advisors, franchise brokers, franchise consultants, franchise developers, franchise lawyers, and those specialized in franchise training. These resources will save you time and can provide you with additional franchise help when you need it.

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