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How Do You Write a Franchise Proposal?

May 18, 2022
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A franchise proposal is written by someone who wants to become a franchise operator. This document will provide your franchisor with all of the information they need to consider you as their potential franchise operator.

The purpose of the proposal is to show that you have market knowledge, experience as a manager, financial backing, and a desire to run a successful business. The benefit of the proposal is two-fold.

Paper File Titled Franchise Proposal in the Hands of a Potential Franchise Operator
It can also be used when you approach a lender to get the funding necessary to open a franchise. While not every franchise business requires you to present a proposal, it can be extremely helpful. If, for instance, someone else wants to purchase the franchise you wish to purchase, a great proposal might be just what you need to secure the deal.

A proposal is almost always necessary for a lender because they want to know they are giving a loan to someone who has the experience to run a successful business.

How Do You Write a Franchise Proposal?

To understand what it takes to write a franchise proposal, you should understand what's typically included within the document. So, before you begin writing a franchise proposal, check with the franchisor to see if there are any requirements, then structure your proposal accordingly. Many proposals are similar.
  1. Overview: This tells the lender or franchisor how you intend to approach starting and operating the business. You can also summarize any experience you have and how your work ethic will drive your business forward.

  2. Detailed Experience: Give a detailed account of any experience you have that will help you be a successful franchise owner.

  3. Business Team: Talk about any partners or marketing teams you have in mind to help you operate your business.

  4. Financing: Discuss, in detail, any funding you have and how you intend to sustain the business as you work to make it grow.

  5. Market Territory: This is important if you are proposing a franchisor to open a franchise location in a specific territory. Explain why you feel a franchise will be a success in that location.

  6. Forecast for Success: You should present statistics and data to the franchisor that support the vision you have for the success of their franchise.
Armed with a well-written proposal, you're ready to do anything. A proposal can also be used if you intend to add other businesses or services to your portfolio (as allowed by the franchise agreement of a current franchisor). Many franchise businesses allow you to operate other franchises that complement the franchise you already own.

Potential Franchisee Chequing Requirements With the Franchisor Before Writing the Franchise Proposal
You won't be able to use the franchise trademarks to promote other companies, but you can run two or more franchises or independent businesses that complement them rather than compete. Your franchise proposal is a good way to add these complementary business opportunities to your portfolio.

Can I Get Help With a Franchise Proposal?

If you aren't good at structuring a proposal or need help developing a tailored franchise proposal to your goals, there is help. All USA Franchises has a franchise resource section available that directs you to the help you need. We provide you with an informative AUF blog that's full of helpful articles and tips for franchisees.

You can also find the latest franchise news and the latest information about the franchise events you won't want to miss. Most importantly, we bring you a valuable resource section that helps you locate franchise advisors, franchise brokers, franchise consultants, franchise financing, franchise developers, franchise lawyers, and franchise training services. These resources will save you time and can provide you with additional franchise help when you need it.

While there is usually an expense associated with franchise proposal help, the fees are well worth it when you consider what a franchise proposal can accomplish. Like any business cost, you often get what you pay for, so don't worry about how much the service is. It's part of starting a business.

Potential Franchisee Armed With a Well-Written Franchise Proposal Ready To Do Anything

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