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How to Find a Low-Cost Franchise with High Profits

October 10, 2020
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We all know that you have to spend money to make money. That's the way it works in business, but who doesn't want to make a lot of money by spending as little as possible? That's the overall goal. When you buy a franchise, there are costs involved that have to be met before you can start being profitable. The goal to making high profits with a low-cost franchise begins with finding a low-cost franchise that will be successful right from the start.

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What are some ways you can ensure the franchise you purchase is a low-cost franchise?

  1. Initial Franchise Fee This is, of course, the first thing to look at. What will the franchise cost to buy? Set a budget for yourself and look for franchises that fit your budget. It's going to take a little research to find a franchise that will be profitable while not costing you a fortune to buy into.
  2. Franchise Royalties How much of what you earn do you need to give back to the franchise? Most franchises have a franchise royalty fee you have to pay to the franchisor for the right to use the brand's intellectual property, etc. The higher this fee is, the lower your profits will be. It's important to know what this royalty fee is before you sign any franchise agreement.
  3. Equipment and Supply Fees Do you have to purchase equipment and supplies from the franchisor? How expensive are they? Look for a franchise that has these fees built into the purchase price. Are you buying the equipment upfront or paying an ongoing cost for as long as you own the franchise? Try to find a franchise that supplies the needed equipment for a one-time fee included in the purchase price.

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  5. Home Franchises Home franchises are an excellent way to get into a low-cost franchise with high profits. Operating from home will cut down on travel expenses and other overhead that can eat away at profits. Look for a franchise you can work from home that shows potential for high-profits.
  6. Marketing This is an integral part of any business. There will be some cost to marketing your franchise. Look for franchise opportunities that do a lot of the marketing for you. That doesn't mean you won't have to do some local marketing, but a franchise that aggressively markets your brand can help you reduce the cost of marketing, which helps you get a better return on your investment.
As you can see, it mostly comes down to the money you're putting out versus the money you're bringing back in. Watching out for fees associated with the franchise and the expense of operating the franchise will go a long way toward helping you spend less and earn more. That's not enough, though. You want to choose the right franchise, meaning a franchise that offers products and services that are in demand. Aim for products and services that consumers need versus products they simply want. Avoid luxury items. This can help your franchise succeed even if the economic climate changes in the country. If you focus on luxury items or products and services people don't need, a recession or poor economic climate could mean losing profitability in your franchise altogether.

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How to Find a Low-Cost Franchise

We can't stress enough the importance of researching before you put your money down to buy a franchise. We don't just mean look at franchise opportunities. The research should go deeper than that. Make a list of franchises that fit the low-cost franchise tips we mentioned above, then begin working your way through the list to eliminate any of those options that don't fit. Start by speaking to others who have the same franchise. Ask specific questions relating to the points we've mentioned above.

You'll find that many franchisees will be willing to give you the information you're looking for, which will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether or not you are choosing a low-cost franchise with high profits. You can ask specific questions to the franchisor as well, but getting in touch with actual franchisees gives you more accurate information. The franchisor will likely give you an average profit margin. Get the real data from those who are already operating a franchise you want to buy.

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