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What Rights Does Buying a Franchise Give You?

July 06, 2021
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The American Dream is something that many of us are looking for. Owning your own business is one way to get your piece of that dream. Starting a brand new business can be difficult, and finding success with a new business can be hit or miss.

You have to find the right business, spend the money it takes to start one, and then spend years building a brand. Buying a franchise is considered, by many, to be a shortcut to owning your own business. Don't get us wrong. We're not saying that buying a franchise is a guarantee of success or that it won't require you to put in a lot of hard work.

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Like any business, what you put into your franchise is what you'll get out of it. If you want it to be a success, you'll need to work hard at it.

However, some advantages can help you achieve success faster by franchising versus starting your own company. With a franchise, you get brand recognition, tested and proven products and services, and an already established customer base.

What Rights Does Buying a Franchise Give You?

When you buy a franchise, you're really getting the best of both worlds. You're buying a business that you own, but you have a brand backing you.

One of the biggest things you get when you buy a franchise is licensing rights. Licensing rights give you the license to use trademarks, artworks, trade secrets, and other intellectual property that belongs to the franchise. That's the biggest value that comes with the right to use their intellectual property.

That's what consumers are familiar with. And you, as a franchisee, can rely on that to be successful. There are often limitations on how you can use that intellectual property, though.

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The rights you have to trademarks, products, and intellectual property will always be made clear in the franchise agreement. The protection of the intellectual property is one of the main concerns of the franchisor.

As a franchisee, you will be paying ongoing fees and possibly royalties for the right to use the franchisor's intellectual property (IP). As long as you own the franchise and pay the fees, you will continue to use intellectual properties as stipulated by the franchise.

The right to use the intellectual properties is just contingent upon being a part of the franchise and operating the franchise as described in the franchise agreement. If you lose the franchise or sell the franchise, your right to intellectual property will be terminated.

With some franchises, you may be required to sign a non-disclosure as well, which prevents you from discussing the trademark secrets of a company not only while you are a part of the franchise, but usually for a pre-determined time after your association with the franchise ends.

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Some Things to Remember

  • Buying a franchise doesn't give you ownership of the intellectual property. You can use their trademark content as long as you are associated with the franchise. You have no say in how the franchisor uses their own intellectual property.
  • You can lose the right to use the intellectual property if you do anything that the company deems inappropriate or damaging to the company's reputation or the franchise.
  • Your rights to use the intellectual property may be limited according to stipulations in the franchise agreement. Always know the rights your license include.
  • You will be expected as a franchise owner to uphold a certain standard of behavior and business practices. This is to ensure the integrity of the brand and the intellectual property associated with the franchise.
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