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Min. Cash Required: $2,500.00
Live Well, Lose Weight, Feel Better.
REVOLISM is a wellness and weight loss system founded on more than 30 years of scientific data and research providing clients with a program to revolutionize their metabolism and achieve wellness and weight loss goals.

You deserve vitality at every stage of life, and with REVOLISM, you'll know precisely how your metabolism is functioning — and how you can help it function better. Our proprietary wellness assessment utilizes the science of the Metabolic Code, a revolutionary approach to wellness previously only available through doctors. REVOLISM uses the code to provide a snapshot of the whole you, inside and out. We take that analysis and customize supplements for you and build a diet-and-exercise plan to help you become the best possible you. Best of all, you'll undergo periodic reassessments that outline exactly where you are and adjust your program to help you stay on target.

Wellness and weight loss created specifically to you. Welcome to REVOLISM.

Why Our Franchise?
Joining REVOLISM is a remarkably affordable proposition. With an initial virtual franchise fee of just $2,500 and potential annual earnings of at least $37,000, working part-time*, $90,000 or more working full time, a REVOLISM franchise represents a tremendous ground-floor opportunity to join a wellness and weight loss revolution.

Becoming a REVOLISM wellness coach is the ideal part-time business for nurses, nutritionists, fitness instructors, personal trainers and even stay-at-home moms. For those who choose to open a brick-and-mortar franchise model, the earning potential grows, allowing you to scale your business. Best of all, running a REVOLISM franchise does not require prior health, medical or fitness experience.

American consumers are set to spend more than $20 billion this year on weight loss efforts, from fad diets to gastric bypass surgery. REVOLISM is poised to change all of that.

Our system is unique in the $1 trillion global wellness industry¹, where fad diets and over-the-counter pills set up failure. REVOLISM ensures that individuals improve their metabolism, supplies them with the knowledge and dietary supplements they need to succeed in their wellness — or weight loss — goals, and receive the encouragement, support and guidance to help them stay on target.

Obesity is rampant. Now more than ever, individuals need real wellness and weight loss results — the kinds of results REVOLISM helps individuals achieve.

"Now is a great time to invest in a REVOLISM franchise," says REVOLISM Founder and President David Ramadan. "According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost 78% of Americans are overweight, and a further 37% are obese². That's three out of four consumers who need the services of a wellness coach — somebody who can help them live better and lose weight. With REVOLISM, we made that easy and low-cost. We are bringing wellness and weight loss services to anyone who would like to become a well-trained wellness coach with the best tool on the market, proven by actual science, and being practiced at more than 200 doctors and clinics across the nation."

General Information

  • 1987
  • Health & Wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • Revolism
  • Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
  • Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C

Franchise Information

  • 2016
  • 5
  • Revolism Franchise
  • Not Available
  • Unknown
  • 25152 Elk Lick Road Ste. 220 Chantilly, VA 20152
  • David Ramadan

Financial Requirements

  • $2,500
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • $10,000

Opportunity Benefits

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
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