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Scoop Wizards

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ID: 1550
Scoop Wizards
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Min. Cash Required: $100,001.00
Make poop vanish.

In March of 1999, Dog Duty was founded in Austin, Texas. The business was primarily run by Lance Reichert using his Ford Ranger, a few shirts and promotional materials, and the sheer desire to succeed. From the beginning, the business quickly began to take off due to its straightforward and inexpensive approach to offering a unique service that customers could not or did not want to provide for themselves.

As the business began to grow, Dog Duty began to take on additional staff to meet increased demand for its services. In April of 2000 the company was incorporated and had already begun to expand its menu of services to meet a more diverse range of customers. By 2009, despite significant problems in the economy, Dog Duty had continued to flourish with over 750 clients being serviced on a regular basis.

Scoop Wizards by Dog Duty offers weekly pet waste removal along with numerous ancillary services to its customers. We have extensive experience in the industry dating back to 1999. We understand that we are not only a pet service company, but a people service company too.

Why Our Franchise?
Cleaning up after a pet is an aggravating chore that no one wants to do, that is, except the people from Scoop Wizards!

Emerging in the growing multi-billion dollar pet services industry, Scoop Wizards is a franchise built around making the lives of pet owners easier by specializing in the removal of pet waste from commercial and residential areas. Along with locating and disposing of pet waste from yards and common areas, we offer several supplemental services designed to assist our customers to care for their pets and maintain their property.

Scoop Wizards is a low-cost, easy to operate concept that occupies a growing niche market. Our straightfoward approach to offering our services combined with proprietary tools and software, truly provides an opportunity for success unlike any other.

General Information

  • 1999
  • Pet Services
  • Pet Waste Removal
  • Scoop Wizards
  • Facebook
  • Texas

Franchise Information

  • 2000
  • 1
  • Not Available
  • Not Available
  • Unknown
  • 1104 S Mays St 78664 Round Rock
  • Lance Reichert

Financial Requirements

  • 100,001
  • 100,001
  • 100,001
  • 100,001

Opportunity Benefits

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Not Available
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