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All USA Franchises Hits More Than 1,700 Franchises Listed in Its Free Online Directory

The directory has exploded in popularity in a few short years, quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools among franchisors, entrepreneurs, and investors.
July 29, 2021
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MIAMI - 07/29/2021 9:00 AM EST - All USA Franchises, the first free online directory for franchise companies in the United States, celebrates its recent achievement of more than 1,700 registered franchises listed in its public database. Founded in 2018, All USA Franchises has exploded in popularity in its few short years online, quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools among franchisors looking to grow their businesses as well as entrepreneurs and investors looking to invest in a franchise. This latest milestone brings All USA Franchises one step closer to achieving its goal of listing all 3,000+ franchises operating in the U.S.

Employees Celebrating All USA Franchises Hits More Than 1700 Franchise Listings

All USA Franchises is a free online portal that helps franchisors across the nation market themselves and find prospective franchisees who are in search of the right business opportunity. Each franchise profile in the directory includes a general overview of the franchise, initial investment requirements, the benefits of investing in the franchise, videos, and more. Additionally, users can filter their search by the franchise's initial cost of investment and industry type. Industries listed on All USA Franchises include, but are not limited to: Automotive Franchises, Entertainment Franchises, Construction Franchises, Beauty Franchises, Food Franchises, Pet Services Franchises, and Retail Franchises, and dozens of others.

Every month, thousands of entrepreneurs and investors come to All USA Franchises looking for a franchise opportunity. The free online franchise directory shows up on 450,000+ Google searches per month. Its visibility and reach are extensive and only getting stronger.

All USA Franchises was conceived by Robert Blankenship, who is also the founder and CEO of the WebFindYou Unique All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology. Through WebFindYou, Blankenship has helped numerous national franchises get on the path of doing digital marketing the right way. He was inspired to create All USA Franchises after witnessing firsthand how many franchises struggle with implementing effective digital marketing and increasing brand awareness and exposure to potential investors through paid online franchise directories.

Not only do many of these paid directories fall short on producing results, but they are typically not comprehensive, as investors only see the franchises that have paid to be in front of them—potentially excluding many quality franchise opportunities. Additionally, if a franchise stops paying for these paid online directories, oftentimes, their profile is either removed or stamped with a "Listing Expired" notice—something they don't ever have to worry about on All USA Franchises.

"We are extremely proud of how much All USA Franchises has grown in such a short amount of time and the amazing results that our free online directory has produced for our users," said Blankenship. "We started this directory to help the many struggling franchises who have wasted money and time using paid franchise directories that haven't produced results. This latest milestone speaks volumes to All USA Franchises as a valuable source helping to elevate brand exposure and awareness for thousands of franchises across the country, connecting them with prospective owners and investors."

All USA Franchises is 100% free to use and is backed by WebFindYou, the global leader in All-in-One Digital Marketing Technology, which helps franchises gain more exposure and generate more quality leads. Given the wide range of opportunities out there and the projected growth of the U.S. franchise sector in the coming years, now is a good time for franchisors to consider expanding and for entrepreneurs to get in on the action.

Whether you are a franchisor who wants to sell more franchises, or an entrepreneur who has struggled to find the right franchise opportunity, All USA Franchises can help. For more information about All USA Franchises' services or to be listed in its directory, visit
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