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Why Do Franchises Have To Follow Corporate Rules?

March 10, 2021
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Buying a franchise is an ideal way to become a business owner. Purchasing a franchise rather than trying to start a new business and building it from the ground up is often looked at as a "shortcut" to business ownership. That's because a franchise has a lot going for it. There's already a recognized brand, there's already a trusted product (assuming you choose the right franchise), and there's already an established customer base who uses said product or service offered by the franchise. In short, the groundwork has already been laid out for you. The foundation for success is already in place. The risks of buying a franchise are fewer than the risks associated with starting a new business.

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As a franchise owner, you are the boss. The business is yours. You hire the employees, you're in charge of promoting the business, and the profits are yours. There are, however, some rules that govern how you operate the franchise. Those "franchise" rules get put in place by the franchisor (the corporation). These rules apply to all franchises across the board. If those rules aren't followed, it could result in the loss of your franchise business. The franchisor has the right to take action, whether it is by addressing the situation at hand and helping you to correct it or removing the franchise owner altogether.

Don't let this turn you away from the idea of franchising. There are corporate rules for a reason, and as a franchise owner, those reasons benefit you as well. Franchise rules are written and implemented because they establish the foundation of the franchise you, as a franchisor, rely on for success. The rules established by a franchise have been time tested and demonstrate that they are for the good of the brand, which in turn means they are good for anyone who owns a franchise. The rules set by the franchise corporation have been developed over some time and are in place to ensure the integrity of the brand. Rules range from dictating where supplies are purchased to the type of content allowed in advertising and promotions.

Franchise Agreements Are Everything

When you buy a franchise, you will sign a franchise agreement. A franchise agreement will tell you all you need to know about what is expected of you as a franchisee and what you can expect from the franchisor. The franchise agreement will outline all of the rules put in place by the franchisor, including your rights to the use of the franchise's intellectual property to what is expected of you as far as advertising goes. Unless you are highly confident in your ability to read and analyze a franchise agreement, you should hire a lawyer that understands franchise laws. The bigger the franchise, the more likely you are to face complex franchise agreements. In your excitement to own your own business, you might be tempted to just sign on the dotted line. Always read first, so you can be sure there are no potential conflicts in the way you will be expected to run the franchise business.

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Creative Possibilities in Franchising

Keep in mind, running a franchise is still owning your own business. Many franchisors are open to suggestions from franchisees. Many franchisors allow franchisees flexibility when it comes to marketing the business or instituting new promotional ideas. Because a franchise business has corporate rules in place to help build the success of the brand, you will have the time and opportunity to invest in finding creative ways to push your success to the next level. When you weigh all of the benefits, franchising is a great way to become a business owner without having all of the weight of a new business on your shoulders.

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