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Scent Renu

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ID: 821
Scent Renu
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Min. Cash Required: $13,050.00
We are Scent Renu!
Unlike other odor eliminating processes, our service really works. It is safe, straigthtforward and will not slow down your sales or work flow. The products we use are a modern blend of living bacterial cultures, enzymes, odor control agents, and the latest surfactant technology. The active enzymes will destroy the molecular structures of odor producing materials. Our products are safe for all surfaces including plastics, carpet, leather, upholstery, paint, linens and mattresses. We can remove most odors created by mildew, vomit, urine, feces, cigarette smoke, and other organic materials.

We're on a path to create what we believe is a truly great company; a vibrant organization that consistently produces competitively strong financial results and is a special place to work for employees. Our vision is to be a company that positively affects meaningfully more guests, employees, communities and business partners a company that matters even more than we do today.

Why Our Franchise?
Take charge of your financial future and financial independence by investing in an innovative and the ever-growing market trend of Green Initiatives. Eco friendly technology is our future. Scent Renu's technology and processes coupled with the demand for Odor Removal sets the stage for its franchisees continued growth and success.

When you consider that buildings are aging, the demand for rental properties have increased, the average age of an automobile exceeds 11 years and, coupled with, people spending 90% of their time indoors or in their vehicles the demand for odor removal services are forever growing.

Buying a Scent Renu franchise isn't an investment in a new job, but a new lifestyle. It's an opportunity to be your own boss and make positive changes in the lives of the customers you serve changing your own life in the process.

The financial independence and personal empowerment that a Scent Renu franchise offers isn't for everyone: Just those who want to take control of their future. At Scent Renu we take great pride in meeting the needs of the ever-changing "Odor Removal World". We offer an exceptional franchise opportunity to advance your career. What you invest in time and energies into your franchise can translate into having the extra time and money to spend on the things you've always wanted.

General Information

  • 2010
  • Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Scent Renu
  • Not Available
  • Florida, Georgia

Franchise Information

  • 2010
  • 6
  • Scent Renu Franchise
  • Not Available
  • Unknown
  • 705 E Hibiscus Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901
  • Unknown

Financial Requirements

  • $13,050
  • Unknown
  • $32,000
  • $13,050 - $31,340

Opportunity Benefits

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Not Available
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