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Min. Cash Required: $96,800.00
Solar Next Door.

REPOWER AmericaTM is the largest network of local solar providers in the U.S., backed by the power of a national solar leader. As a national organization with over eighty megawatts of solar capacity installed, we provide the scale, expertise and backing to help our network of nearly two hundred trusted, local solar contractors deliver the best possible solar experience to consumers. And homeowners get the best of both worlds: the personal touch of a local provider and the selection and best practices of a national leader.

At REPOWER America, we succeed when your local business succeeds. We provide the scale, expertise and backing to help you and our nationwide network of local, independent solar contractors win in the highly competitive solar business. By banding together with REPOWER America, you gain access to a leading portfolio of solar equipment and financing options at competitive prices and terms.

And your end-to-end business needs are met, with marketing, operational, technical and financial training, tools and support. Most important, we understand the value of your local connection to your customers, who are also your neighbors.

Why Our Franchise?
The Benefits of Partnering with REPOWER America

Broad Financing Options
Increase your approval and close rates with a comprehensive set of financing options in your tool belt, accessible through an easy-to-use quoting tool. That's the beauty of the REPOWER America model. We provide access to a variety of best-in-class financing solutions that allow you to offer your customers the plan that's right for them. So you can stay ahead of the competition.

Credit & Cashflow Relief
t's the chicken-and-egg dilemma of small business: In order to grow, you need more money. But to generate more cash, you need to grow. So what comes first? Problem solved. When you become part of the REPOWER America family, you can get access to larger lines of credit and better terms that allow you to scale your business profitably.

Operating small usually means operating at a disadvantage when it comes to access and purchasing power. The big players can get more options and volume discounts. So how can you compete with the big guys? When you team up with REPOWER America, you leverage the collective buying power of a national network of nearly 200 local partners. Together, we act big.

Innovative Technology
The solar business is nothing if not complex and tedious. Customer acquisition, financing, designing, procuring, permitting—the list goes on. But that's just the cost of doing business in solar. Or is it?
REPOWER America offers innovative technology solutions to automate burdensome paperwork and provide a clear view of your pipeline and projects. More important, we have leading-edge selling and quoting tools that will delight your customers and help you close the sale.

Training & Operational Support
Running a solar business can seem daunting. Whether you're looking to start a business from the ground up or expand into solar, Repower Academy has you covered. And once you're up and running, our top-notch operations teams will support your projects end-to-end, making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Today's solar customers want the service that comes from a locally trusted provider. But they also want the confidence of knowing you're part of something bigger. That's why becoming a REPOWER America franchisee brings extra power. You are able to deliver a solid one-two marketing punch: local touch with a national scope.

General Information

  • 2008
  • Green
  • Energy Solutions
  • Repower America
  • Facebook
  • Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania.

Franchise Information

  • 2008
  • 55
  • Repower America Franchise
  • Not Available
  • Unknown
  • 580 2nd St. Oakland, CA 94607
  • Mahesh Mansukhani

Financial Requirements

  • $96,800
  • $300,000
  • $100,000
  • Unknown

Opportunity Benefits

  • Unknown
  • Yes
  • Unknown
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