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NuSpine Chiropractic

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NuSpine Chiropractic
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Min. Cash Required: $35,000.00
Chiropractic you can afford.

As a successful chiropractor for over 28 years, Dr. Todd Hedlund, has long been a champion of chiropractic care as a means of improving people's health and lifestyles. Dr. Hedlund knows that serving patients go hand in hand.

He believed that regular chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial to people in a preventative manner and the best way to do this is to make those adjustments more affordable all while ensuring that the doctors and staff were adequately compensated.

In the past, pricing and chiropractic care plans were determined by a patient's insurance company. However, this was not in patients' best interest as they were unlikely to receive the full care they needed at an affordable price.

NuSpine realized that these dynamics made cash based chiropractic clinics more attractive. NuSpine created the NuSpine business model as a means of providing patients with the full care plans they needed and de served, at a cost they could afford, while allowing doctors to do what they do best: Serve every patient while still maintaining a solid profit margin.

After proving the success of corporate owned units, NuSpine laun ched their franchise which continues to grow. NuSpine believes that chiropractors should win in their careers, but not at the expense of patients' bank accounts. In the NuSpine model, doctors get to treat patients and earn a living without compromising the ir values, and patients get the care they need without limitations set outside the doctor

Why Our Franchise?
The initial benefits of joining the NuSpine Chiropractic Franchise include comprehensive initial training, complete documentation suite, and a comprehensive real estate process among others.

Comprehensive Initial Training
Every franchisee receives the NuSpine Chiropractic franchise hands on, start up training in Nebraska. There, your training will cover every aspect of the NuSpine Chiropractic franchising system. Our expert management will show you how to effectively market your business, coordinate scheduling , manage the administrative and financial aspects of your business, and oversee your staff. You will also learn everything there is to know about our services, including ordering, setup, and installation of your equipment to further solidify the training experience.

Comprehensive Documentation Suite
As a franchisee, you will receive the most comprehensive, plain spoken and easy to understand documentation in the industry. Each piece of documentation works in tandem with one another to provide a comprehensive, sequential explanation of the steps invo lved in owning and operating a NuSpine Chiropractic franchise.

Comprehensive Real Estate Process
Selecting the right location is key for a NuSpine Chiropractic franchise. Our real estate process and partners will assist you in finding a location that is ideal for your business as well as assist in landlord negotiations and real estate development.

General Information

  • 2012
  • Health and Senior Care
  • Medical Services
  • NuSpine Chiropractic
  • Twitter, Facebook
  • Iowa, Nebraska.

Franchise Information

  • 2014
  • 3
  • NuSpine Chiropractic Franchise
  • LinkedIn
  • Unknown
  • 3245 Pioneers Boulevard, Suite 200 Lincoln, NE 68516
  • Todd Hedlund

Financial Requirements

  • $35,000
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • $35,000 - $110,000

Opportunity Benefits

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Unknown
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