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Brothers Gutters

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ID: 434
Brothers Gutters
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Min. Cash Required: $100,000.00
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The Brothers that just do Gutters are a full service gutter company with attention to details and service at the core. We understand our clients want a stellar installation as well as communication throughout the entire process.

We have designed our entire process around the "6 Easy Steps to a Happy Home" to ensure our clients complete satisfaction.

Our mantra, "Reinventing Contractor Service" is the phrase we live by in all areas of our business, every day, and our mission is to be the market leader in the gutter installation and maintenance industry. The story of The Brothers that just do Gutters began with hard work and a dream to be a community-loved contractor. We wanted to reinvent how clients experience contractor services, and provide a level of customer service and reliability that was lacking in our industry. We are consistently developing and setting new industry benchmarks, trends, and standards and we aim to be a model of comparison for measuring and assessing success, operational ability, and status in our industry.

Since the start of our business in 1999 our goal has always been to be the very best gutter contractor of our territory. As we began work to make that a reality, we realized we were creating a franchise model and we didn't even know it. The idea of becoming a nationwide gutter contractor was born out of this epiphany.

Why Our Franchise?
As of 2015, we are officially launching the franchise and looking for candidates wanting to use our methods and practices to invest in qualified territories. Our idea of a franchisee is the person who isn't just looking for a job that pays well, but rather is looking for an opportunity to join a growing business and make an impact your local community. If that sounds like you we'd love to hear from you. The first step is to get to know the heart of our business practices.

Our business plan puts you on a path to figure that out for yourself. It all depends on your effort in investing yourself in the business and following the best practices. The more committed you are to your business the more you will get out of it.

Determining a qualified territory is completed through several qualifying metrics. Our goal is to have 250,000-450,000 owner-occupied dwellings. This typically is accomplished in a 50 mile radius or less and a total population of 800,000. The other metrics we look for are homeowners over the age of 35 with incomes of $60,000 or more.

General Information

Franchise Information

  • 2015
  • 7
  • Brothers Gutters Franchise
  • Not Available
  • Unknown
  • 2419 Route 82. Lagrangeville, New York 12540
  • Ken & Ryan Parsons

Financial Requirements

  • $100,000
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

Opportunity Benefits

  • Unknown
  • Yes
  • Not Available
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