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Global Enterprise

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ID: 810
Global Enterprise
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Min. Cash Required: $84,050.00
Delivering Quality, Reliable & Proven Results.

Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration is an industry leader providing quick and efficient disaster restoration services. We have more than ten years experience in the construction industry and our talented team of disaster restoration experts have a wealth of knowledge in returning properties that have been damaged by fire, smoke, water, storm, and mold to their original state.

Tivadar Bodorlo founded Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration in 2008. Since then, it has grown exponentially through the praise of customers throughout the country. The company has years of experience in water, fire, flood, and storm damage restoration. Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration also has experience in mold remediation. When a property sustains any of these damages, Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration is the perfect solution to put these pieces back together.

Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration has built outstanding relationships with many renowned companies, business, and insurance companies and has done the same with each individual client.

This great restoration company wants to continue to grow through expansion in new markets via franchising and you can become a part!

Why Our Franchise?
Global Enterprise is excited to gain franchisees and is ready to offer support in many areas. Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration will have field supervisors that check on the franchisee often to assist and also assure quality across the boards. These visits are extremely valuable in terms of support.

Areas of support include:
  • Operational support.
  • Marketing support.
  • Purchasing support.
  • Accounting & legal support.

Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration will also continue ongoing research and development, which will stream down to each franchise store. With these great areas of support, becoming a franchisee of Global Enterprise Disaster Restoration could not be easier!

General Information

Franchise Information

Financial Requirements

  • $84,050
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • $84,050 - $121,000

Opportunity Benefits

  • Unknown
  • Yes
  • Unknown
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