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The Franchise King

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The Franchise King
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Min. Cash Required: Not Applicable

I'm The Franchise King®, Joel Libava.

It's important for you to know who you're dealing with. So here goes.

To begin with, I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, On June 30, 19…

I'm kidding. I'm not going to do that.

On the contrary, I'm going to tell you the important things you need to know about me, the business stuff. The things that will help you determine if you feel it's worth it to spend some of your valuable time on my website, and maybe even invest some money to work with me, or to purchase one of my products in the future.

My work background includes:

Food and beverage management, including a stint as a Maitre'D for a Las Vegas hotel-casino showroom.
Sales/sales management for several automobile franchises
Radio personality
Along with several other jobs in various industries.

I need to point out that I have very little formal education.

Specifically, I "tried" college. (For 9 months)

As a result, most of my education has involved learning from subject-matter experts in the field of writing, marketing, PR, and of course, franchising.

In 2011, an editor from Wiley Publishing contacted me. She told me that the market was overdue for a book on how to buy a franchise, and asked me if I'd be interested in writing it. I said "yes."

Now, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that her offer of paying me an "advance" had something a lot to do with my extremely rapid, and very positive response to her email inquiry.

All in all, my book has done pretty well. Thousands of people have read it. (Or have listened to it, because there's an audio version, too.)

In addition to my hardcover book, I've had the honor to write hundreds informational articles on franchising for dozens and dozens of highly-trafficked, and respected websites. A few of them include:
  • The New York
  • The Huffington Post

And currently, I write a monthly article for The U.S. Small Business Administration's blog (I've been doing so for the past 7 years).

Services We Offer
In essence, I'm a franchise advisor. I teach people who are interested in potentially becoming franchise owners-exactly how to do so, successfully. For instance…
  • I offer GUARANTEED Private 1-on-1 franchise consultations
  • I offer products that show people how to find, choose, research, and buy a profitable franchise
  • I provide educational content-which I share with my readers-and throughout all the major social media channels

The first two items provide the majority of my income.

I also make money from advertising, freelance writing, "Sponsored Posts," and affiliate sales.

Why Choose Me?
  • You're the one coming to me for help.
  • You're the one who wants to be your own boss.
  • You're the one who's sick of corporate America-and knows that it's time for change.
  • You're the one who's potentially going to be putting your own money on the line.
  • You're the one who's been clicking dozens and dozens of franchise opportunity websites-looking for that "perfect" one. The one that will bring you the freedom and control you've wanted in your life for so darn long.
  • You're the one who may be working with a franchise "consultant," and are having trouble figuring out who he's really helping.

And now you've arrived at my, hoping for answers.

Because you want to feel good about what you may be about to do. (Buy a franchise)

You want to make sure you haven't missed something in your research.

And you want the truth damn it!

Well I have good news for you.

You'll get the truth here. And so much more.

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