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Nicholas Yates

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Nicholas Yates
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Min. Cash Required: Not Applicable

I am NOT a Franchise Broker. Instead of taking you to the franchise brand that pays me the highest commission, I'll take you through the discovery process with ANY franchise you choose, or we choose together. My #1 goal is to help you find the ultimate franchise and help get you invested on the best possible contract terms.

Services We Offer

The first thing we will do together is identify the concept. If you already have a concept, we will make sure it's the perfect fit for your skills and personality.

I will be by your side to help you through the entire discovery, research and negotiation phase. This means from the first call with franchise development, through to the day you sign the franchise contract.

I will be on the calls with the franchise concept salesperson you are dealing with, listening to find the holes in his/her presentation. I will help you ask all the right questions at the right time. I know all the sales traps; we won't fall into them. In fact, we will set our own traps for the seller and completely control the narrative.

I will guide you towards the best franchisee references so you can gauge how successful they really are. I will make sure we talk to the right people based on research not recommendation.

Why Choose Us?
I am a relentless negotiator with 25-years of the best kind of experience. Why is my experience deemed so good? Because I have made every mistake possible along the way. My journey to date has been filled with incredible successes coupled with many challenges, and of course some failures. All of these mistakes have become lessons learned, they are invaluable. I want to share these lessons with you so that you buy the business of your dreams for the best price, on the best terms, without making any mistakes along the way.

Contact Information

  • 1501 India St - 103-144 San Diego CA 92101
  • Nicholas Yates
  • 858-405-5167
  • Linkedin
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