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What Are the Cheapest Franchises To Buy in 2023?

January 01, 2023
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Not everyone has the budget to buy a franchise from a recognized brand like McDonald's or Starbucks. Yet, that doesn't mean a cheap franchise from a less recognized brand cannot yield an excellent return on investment.

In fact, according to CNBC, there are low-cost franchises you can start with $15,000 or less and earn a six-figure salary.

This might be your go-to option to get into franchising, but don't have the minimum of $750,000 in liquid assets required to open a McDonald's franchise, for example.

Dollar Bill Rolls Stacked Highest to Lowest Showing How Cheap Franchises Provide Reliable Sources of Income
Investing in a low-cost franchise opportunity is a great way to supplement your retirement with a reliable source of income, flexible hours, and long-term equity.

The best news is that in the United States, almost 4% of all small businesses are franchises (CNBC). So, you can bet there are plenty of options to choose from in an industry that generates more than $2.1 trillion and employs an average of 18 million Americans.

But where can you find franchise opportunities?

Well, right here on All USA Franchises (AUF) is one place to start. We're going over awesome low-cost franchise opportunities to invest in for 2023!

AUF's Cheapest Franchises To Buy in 2023 List by Investment

Now, what's considered "cheap" or "low-cost" might differ from one person to another. That's why we've decided to list the cheapest franchises to buy this year by up-front investment capital.

We've selected a sample of four great franchise opportunities to choose from per investment category. But just to let you know, AUF is on a mission to list all 3,000 plus franchises in the United States.

So bookmark AUF's website, and you can always check our extensive directory of franchises by investment and other categories to find opportunities that aren't included on this list.

Without further ado, let's go over some list-worthy franchise opportunities under $10,000, between $10,000 to $25,000, and finally franchises that range from $25,000 to $50,000.

Franchises Under $10,000

For those with a tight budget, here are four diverse franchise opportunities. What's great about low-cost franchises is that if you have over $10,000 saved, you can buy a few that complement each other well or buy whatever ones you like.

Cheap Franchises Under $10,000: Proforma, Vanguard Cleaning Systems, Town Money Saver, and Club Z!
  1. Proforma
    • Min. cash requirement: $5,030
    • Number of units: 601
    • Overview
      Valued at $500 million, Proforma is a leader in the printing, packaging, graphics, apparel, promotional products, and multimedia industry.

      Proforma applies creativity and innovation to the challenges that businesses face daily. This includes everything from developing brochures and promotional items to executing marketing campaigns and ecommerce solutions. It's what makes them the source for brand marketing and graphic communications needs.

      They provide a business management technology platform with a comprehensive suite of services that help companies grow to the next level.

      When you join Proforma, you gain access to exclusive pricing on over 1 million products and services.

      Plus, sales coaches help you create a business plan and provide innovative marketing resources to sharpen your competitive edge and administrative support to help you increase your productivity.

    Check out Proforma's franchise profile and website to learn more and become part of their franchise family.
  2. Vanguard Cleaning Systems®
    • Min. cash requirement: $5,500
    • Number of units: 2,997
    • Overview
      Vanguard Cleaning Systems® janitorial franchise businesses deliver high-quality, consistent commercial cleaning services to over 18,000 satisfied customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

      The Vanguard brand has consistently been ranked among the top 50 franchises on Entrepreneur magazine's annual Franchise 500 list.

      This franchise system has been operating since 1984, supporting independently owned and operated franchised janitorial businesses in their delivery of commercial cleaning services.

      All these experiences can be at your disposal, along with a business model that combines profit motive and comprehensive support programs.

      This includes sourcing new accounts, management of billing and collections, and optional ongoing business support such as education and networking opportunities for exploring best business practices.

    Learn more about the Vanguard Cleaning Systems® franchise if you're ready to join this expanding industry.
  3. Town Money Saver
    • Min. cash requirement: $5,700
    • Number of units: 49
    • Overview
      Since 1992, Town Money Saver (TMS) has saved consumers money with great offers from local businesses. Building communities is their passion.

      Furthermore, TMS offers local businesses quality advertising that attracts repeat customers and maximizes their return on investment and ad spend.

      No storefront, inventory, or employees are required to start a TMS franchise. And, with TMS's Performance Awarded Franchise Opportunity program, you can open your franchise without paying upfront fees.

      TMS provides extensive franchisee support to guide you along the way, from online graphics and print coordination to mail confirmation, invoicing, training, digital services fulfillment, and more!

    Find out all you need to know about the Town Money Saver franchise and become your own boss the easy way.
  4. Club Z! Tutoring Services
    • Min. cash requirement: $10,000
    • Number of units: 412
    • Overview
      The Club Z! mission is to be the world's premier provider of tutoring and testing preparation services.

      They accomplish this one student at a time by building academic self-confidence, improving grades, teaching invaluable organizational/study skills, and helping students reach their full potential.

      There's never been a better time to enter this recession-proof industry! Franchise owners are desperately needed to "match" local tutors with students across the country.

      Club Z! offers in-home and online tutoring in all subjects and grade levels because their corporate call center does all the initial selling, including accepting payment from customers.

      Interested franchisees can operate the business part-time, full-time, or even remotely.

    If a franchise with a flexible business model is what you've been looking for, then the Club Z! Tutoring Services franchise is the perfect fit for you.

Franchises From $10,000 to $25,000

Franchises ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 might be the perfect choice for those with a little more cash in the bank. We know these are not the cheapest options but compare that to opening a McDonald's franchise… Exactly!

Cheap Franchises From $10,000 to $25,000: Anago, Oxymagic, Mosquito Squad, and 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air
  1. Anago Cleaning Systems
    • Min. cash requirement: $10,440
    • Number of units: 26
    • Overview
      Since its inception, Anago Cleaning Systems has been at the forefront of the commercial cleaning industry.

      They have mastered the art of cleaning and disinfecting for over three decades and use advanced tools and technology to deliver thorough and hygienic services. They will customize a cleaning plan that perfectly accommodates the unique requirements of each property.

      Some of the outstanding benefits of owning your very own Anago Franchise are financing programs, a comprehensive orientation program, insurance and bonding protection, marketing tools to promote your business, and more!

    Find out all you need to know about the Anago Cleaning Systems franchise and join their team of successful franchisees.
  2. Oxymagic
    • Min. cash requirement: $12,500
    • Number of units: 70
    • Overview
      Oxymagic carpet cleaners provide excellent carpet cleaning services. Their products clean a wider spectrum of soils that other cleaners may not be able to remove from upholstery.

      With their cleaning system, the average dry time is reduced to 30 to 90 minutes, eliminating the chance for old stains to return or mold and mildew to form.

      Own your own Oxymagic franchise and have a protected market of 400,000 people per territory to grow a database of good, profitable, repeat customers.

      You can have one, two, or even three carpet techs working for you every day. Start enjoying the financial freedom to live your dreams with this franchise business model.

    Learn more about Oxymagic and add them to your franchise request list today.
  3. Mosquito Squad
    • Min. cash requirement: $17,050
    • Number of units: 220
    • Overview
      Mosquito Squad is North America's first and most trusted mosquito eliminator. They've been protecting families from the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks since 2005.

      Each new franchisee attends a week-long training session at the Mosquito Squad Corporate Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

      After the initial training, they'll help you put their business system into practice profitably and efficiently. They've helped launch over 200 locations, so they know what issues and challenges arise for new franchisees in the first two mosquito seasons within getting started.

      Once you are up and running and persevered through your initial learning curve, the training doesn't stop. It continues throughout your corporate relationship with Mosquito Squad.

    If you are the kind of franchisee that appreciates ongoing training and support, then Mosquito Squad is the right franchise for you!
  4. 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air
    • Min. cash requirement: $22,500
    • Number of units: 5
    • Overview
      1-800-PLUMBER® + Air is an industry-leading plumbing and HVAC franchise throughout the United States and Canada.

      They easily set themselves apart from all the other plumbing companies. They've made themselves memorable to consumers because their brand name contains their phone number and website all in one.

      1-800-PLUMBER® + Air strives every day to create an environment within each of their plumbing franchise locations that their franchise owners and employees can be proud of.

      A key advantage of being a 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air franchise is their support system. Each franchise will be assigned a Franchise Business Consultant (FBC). Their focus is to assist you in developing goals and to coach you on brand standards and best-demonstrated practices.

    If this sounds like the right franchise opportunity for you, then make sure you check out 1-800-PLUMBER® + Air's franchise profile for more information.

Franchises From $25,000 to $50,000

Last but not least, we have a list of franchises that lean on the expensive side within the "cheapest franchises to buy in 2023" category. Here, you will probably find franchises with a more recognized brand name that are still affordable.

Cheap Franchises From $25,000 to $50,000: The Grout Doctor, Maid Brigade, Destination Athlete, and Acti-Kare
  1. The Grout Doctor
    • Min. cash requirement: $25,000
    • Number of units: 73
    • Overview
      The Grout Doctor is the nation's largest and most experienced grout and tile restoration company. Their portfolio of services also includes grout cleaning, repair and regrouting, grout recoloring, and grout sealing.

      The Grout Doctor's entry costs and royalty fees are very low—the lowest in their industry. Plus, they offer special pricing for military veterans.

      Own a flexible, home-based, family-friendly business that will provide you unmatched support and training to help you succeed.

      They've won the Top Franchise Satisfaction Award for 2020 and 2021. They even made it to the Top Franchise Hall of Fame in 2020 by Franchise Business Review.

      The Grout Doctor was awarded Entrepreneur's Top Franchise for Veterans in 2019 and, in general, won the Top Franchise award in 2019 as well. This franchise has a system that works and is recognized by the industry as a profitable franchise to own.

    Become part of The Grout Doctor franchise family and be a part of a recession-proof business model that can last.
  2. Maid Brigade
    • Min. cash requirement: $30,000
    • Number of units: 455
    • Overview
      Maid Brigade is a company that has earned its place atop the residential cleaning service industry. Their franchise became successful through hard work, perseverance, honesty and they play an integral part of the communities they serve.

      Their house cleaning and maid services are dedicated to improving your house, health, and well-being. Also, they pioneered the cleaning industry by being the first to introduce their Green Clean Certified™ system.

      Now, they're the first to advance to PUREcleaning® services via electrolyzed water.

      The Maid Brigade cleaning franchise has been ranked a Top 100 Franchise by Entrepreneur. Top 50 Franchise for minorities and vets by USA TODAY and made the Top 25 Franchise for Hispanics list by the World Franchising Network.

      Many franchises offer training, but Maid Brigade is unparalleled in helping their franchisees succeed.

      They offer an innovative, invaluable mentoring program that pairs each new franchisee with a successful peer who has been in their system for a minimum of 10 years. We cannot think of a better way to help a new franchisee achieve their best.

    If you feel your interests align with this fantastic franchise opportunity, then make sure to check out Maid Brigade's franchise profile here on AUF.
  3. Destination Athlete
    • Min. cash requirement: $31,300
    • Number of units: 182
    • Overview
      Since 2008, the purpose of Destination Athlete® has been helping kids succeed via their Build Better Communities Through Athletes™ program.

      They exist to help youth and high school teams get to their personal destination (goals) by providing a one-stop resource with everything a team needs from four key areas: apparel, equipment, fundraising, and performance.

      With a Destination Athlete franchise, you can enjoy the flexibility of a proven low-cost home-based business model.

      Plus, they have a robust vendor network and provide excellent training and national brand support.

      With this franchise, you will be purchasing the full exclusive marketing rights to advertise within a county (or counties) in your state. This means you are the sole representative for Destination Athlete® in your territory with the ability to expand.

    If you are passionate about sports and helping others achieve their goals, then a Destination Athlete franchise is the right opportunity to check out.
  4. Acti-Kare
    • Min. cash requirement: $33,905
    • Number of units: 118
    • Overview
      Acti-Kare has become an industry leader by offering high-quality, compassionate home care to seniors and others needing assistance. They can help new mothers and their children and people recovering from surgery or other ailments. Acti-Kare can even help people who need someone to look after their pets!

      This company offers a complete suite of caregiver services, including at-home care, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, and caregiving services for the general public regardless of age.

      Senior in-home care promises to become one of the fastest-growing businesses. The number of seniors in this country is projected to increase dramatically now that the first generation of Baby Boomers are retiring.

      Also, Acti-Kare provides inbound and outbound lead-gen programs to help their franchisees get off to a quick start. Furthermore, they will answer all incoming calls for your franchise during business hours and make outbound calls to prospective clients on your behalf.

      This franchise offers comprehensive training and step-by-step customized business and marketing plans tailored to your goals.

    Check out Acti-Kare's franchise profile if you want this recognized brand backing you up as you get into the senior-care industry.
Now that you know our list of cheapest franchises to buy in 2023, you might be ready to jump in the water with both feet. Still, it's good to remember that all business ventures have some degree of risk, and franchises are no exception.

Risk Analysis Machine Set to Low-Risk Since Business Ventures Can Be Risky and Franchises Are No Exception
So, how can you tell if the franchise you are looking into is really a good business opportunity?

How To Find Out if a Franchise Is Successful

Before buying a franchise, including those on this list, you have to practice due diligence and research. That is the best way to find out if a franchise has the potential to be successful.

Also, there are two documents with key pieces of information that will give you a clue as to the franchise's success potential. Those documents are the franchise agreement and the Franchise Disclosure Document or FDD.

If you are interested in a franchise, chances are you will get your hands on the FDD before you get to check the franchise agreement.

That's because The Federal Franchise Rule dictates that a franchisor must disclose the FDD to prospective purchasers. That allows them to have the material information they need to weigh the risks and benefits of such an investment before purchasing.

If you choose to move forward after checking the FDD, then you will have access to the franchise agreement.

There you will find information detailing the duration of the contract, fees and other expenses, territories and site development.

This document will also include non-compete clauses, guidelines on intellectual property, how training works, bookkeeping process, advertising support (if any), and insurance requirements. In short, here you will find everything related to the duties and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Franchise Lawyer Reviewing Legal Documents for a Cheap Franchise Opportunity To Buy With a Potential Franchisee
We recommend you review both documents with a franchise lawyer to make sure you understand the legal obligations and rights outlined in them. And, after checking these out, it still is a good idea to look for other similar opportunities to compare and ensure you are making the best decision.

The best place to find these franchise opportunities is right here, in the largest free online franchise directory in the USA.

Start Your Franchise Journey Here

All USA Franchises is a FREE franchise directory where franchisors can list their franchises, and potential franchisees and investors can find the right opportunities. Our goal is to list all 3000 plus franchise opportunities in the U.S., giving you the widest choice possible.

Start your franchise search by industry or by investment and find the right franchise opportunity based on the criteria that best fit your needs and desires.

All USA Franchises also provides you with the informative AUF blog, full of helpful articles and tips for franchisees as well as the latest franchise news. We also provide the latest information about the franchise events you won't want to miss.

In addition to the blog and events information, we bring you a valuable resource section that helps you locate franchise advisors, franchise brokers, franchise consultants, franchise financing, franchise developers, franchise lawyers, and franchise training services. These resources will save you time and can provide you with additional franchise help when you need it.

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